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Halloween is getting closer and closer, and if you're anything like me, you've somehow successfully procrastinated this entire month and now you have to wait in all the long lines to buy the last minute pieces for your costume. I love Halloween. I ESPECIALLY love zombie make-up and creating burns, cuts, and gross-looking zombie skin that looks ten times more realistic than whatever they're selling on the costume wall. Pretty much everyone I know buys those little rubber fake pieces of skin from the Halloween store. But it's never that easy. Then you have to buy the stiple sponge, the spirit gum, the spirit gum remover, etc. Before you know it, you've spent $10 just to make it look like you have a few cuts and scrapes. So today, I'm going to teach you all about the joy of using liquid latex to skip through all of those steps and make Hollywood quality wounds to finish off your creepy Halloween costume. Things You'll Need: Liquid Latex (This will be a little pricey, but worth the investment because it keeps well and you can use it every single year.) Two small paintbrushes A few pieces of tissue paper A pair of small nail scissors Foundation/concealer similar to your skin color (or grey or green Halloween make-up depending on what color your zombie skin is going to be) Q-Tip, Popsicle Stick, or any other easy applicator Fake blood gel Fake blood liquid, optional 1. Rip tissue paper in a jagged fashion. The more jagged you tear it, the more it will look like disgusting hanging dead skin when you're finished. 2. Choose where you want these pieces to go on your body, and paint the areas you've chosen with a thin layer of liquid latex. Stick the tissue flat onto these layers. (Don't worry if there's loose ends popping off your skin. Zombie skin isn't exactly flawless!) 3. Paint 1-2 more layers of liquid latex onto the tissue, and let the tissue-latex patches dry to a point of feeling similar to paper mache. 4. When dry, take your small scissors and carefully cut across the patch to create your wound. The bigger you make the opening, the deeper the final wound will look. (Be careful not to cut your own skin. There should be enough of a space bubble between your skin and the latex patch to easily cut through.) 5. Take foundation (or whatever skin color you've chosen) and blend the tissue patch to match with your skin. Don't worry if it's not entirely perfect, as any white parts left showing can be covered up with fake blood. 6. Draw inside the cut you made with blood gel to create a realistic wound. Take a second, clean paintbrush and draw blood trickling down the wound, keeping a realistic sense of gravity in mind. (The drippier, the better!) 7. (Optional): Take fake blood liquid and dab around the wound cut to make the cut look more realistic. Dab the fake blood liquid around the cut for an even gorier effect. Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope that this has inspired some of my fellow last-minute Vinglers to try something new this Halloween. If you have any questions, send me a direct message or comment down here. I love, love, love scary Halloween make-up, and I'd love to help you with yours!
@csgeek Now when the zombie apocalypse comes, you'll have a good camouflage!
This sounds so fun...I wasn't planning on being anything that required wounds but now I have a reference!