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Don't you hate it when people say skateboards instead of longboards or the other way around?
Nothing is more annoying than people saying that! I have to correct people all the time. But I do agree on other girls who longboard as a fashion Just no. It's a hobby.
The second picture REALLY pisses me off. I can't stand those who use longboarding as a fashion statement. All those "justgirlythings" pictures with longboards make me angry haha.
Yup. Now I'm fairly pissed hahaha im gonna go look at puppies and kittens
Hahhaaha so true like girls who know someone who skates then borrow his board go to a some kind of bridge with graffiti on the background then take a picture and post it on instagram and say " omg I love longboarding so much " and billions of hashtags under it |:(
Hahaha good thing you're not like that ;) and a way of life ofcourse:D @EmilySalzsieder
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