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Hey guys, so I wanted to reduce wear and tear on my first pair of gloves. I decided to stick these round magnets on the finger tips, then wrap Velcro tape over it! Worked like a charm, and it was so cheap/easy to do, so I figured I'd share! I ended up wrapping past the finger tips, but I didn't get a chance to save a recent photo. Let me know if you have any questions! ;)
dragging you fingers on the ground is a bad habit
huh, I would have though to put velcro patches on the back of the magnets or something and made it so the velcro would help keep something on. I afraid the bare velcro won't last too long!
I agree. It happens though. :/
In case the Velcro rips, there's that one extra layer.
huh, yep. yeah i have no idea what's going on. Why put magnets under the velcro?