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Taking out my loyal friend for a ride last weekend!
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What bike is better a fixi or a road bike?
3 years ago·Reply
Well that depends what kind of race you are interested in. If you want long rides with different elevations I will recommend a road bike. If you are into the urban commute, track racing and shorts rides at hi speed a fixie will fit you better for that kind of rides.
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what bike is faster?
3 years ago·Reply
I want a bike that really fast
3 years ago·Reply
Long or shorts rides? Both can be real fast! I have my Tarmac an is fast but great for long rides. I also have a unknown synapse (fixie) to run in criteriums (circuits races) and is real fast! The difference is in a road bike you can change gears (shifts) and the fixie only have one gear.
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