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I just came across an ad for this web tool on which you can "Learn to Code For Free." The tool is called Dash, and it's made by General Assembly. I've really been wanting to learn basic coding, but I didn't know where to start. Have any of you used Dash, by any chance? Are there any coders out there who could give me their input? Just chime in in the comments below. Thank you!
This looks like a good resource. I'm confused though, is it completely free? Seems like only some lessons. There's some data science too!! @techatheart maybe you should check it out. I think this is a good resource to get an introduction. I always tell my friends who wanna code to check out Code Academy :)
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Thanks, @csgeek! I don't know about any pay aspects - I actually haven't delved in yet. I wanted to see if anyone knew about it first. I haven't checked out Code Academy, but I will now!
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Never used DASH but I love Codecademy! It's fun and easy to learn.
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In another life I'd love to do more coding. I always say I don't have the time, but maybe I'll try this site out!!
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