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~* A curious person asked me "What do you have in your wristlet b/c although I have a handbag, I still cant manage to fit anything else?" ....Hmm, well I'm practicing to be a "simpleton" if that's a word? I don't like clutter and since I'm a plain Jane, I don't need a whole lot but the basic necessities... So what do I have in my bag? My id, bank card, insur card, gift cards to VS which I haven't used yet, a pen, mascara, loose change, and a lip gloss I picked up for $1.50 from 5.7.9...AND something meaningful to me, a fortune that says, "Someone is looking up to you, dont let that person down" which is inspirational enough for me as a reminder to live my life on the right path and not rear off due to temptations or any other negative there you have it that's my life in a handbag....simple enough? yes? (*_^) *~
@cheerfulcallie for me wristlets are too small!! > < can’t fit my magical items in there hahahah
@lillyann yes, i have those too...the small ones of course b/c i mainly just carry a writstlet, lolz
@cheerfulcallie my guys friends especially are alway amazed at how many things I could fit into my purse hahahhaha even sometimes I think my purse is magical too hahaha especially the things change depending on season>< ike hand creams and mists :)
@lilyann thats funny b/c you sound like my other friend, she has everything in her bag, make up, snacks, extra clothes, as for me the only difference bwtn now and last year is that i also have a flash drive and ear-buds in my wristlet, (*_*)
All my friends call my bag a magical item because there’s everything in there haha from makeup to like extra usb device ahhaha