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Jay Park. Park Jaebeom 朴載範, born April 25, 1987 is an American singer, dancer, rapper, b-boy, music producer, songwriter, model, choreographer, and actor. He is not a wellknown k-star. But there is something that i like about him, is his song and his attitude. I feel comfortable when listening his song. However, Jay park journey was not lucky and smooth like others. It make a great impact on him when a hacker hacked his Myspace account, and Korean media misinterpreted the commentshe made about Korean ,it Park officially left the the boy band , 2pm in early 2010. What make i respect him is that, the way he overcome difficulties and standstill on what he do the best, making music. Hope to see his activity in Kpop feed regularly. Because his music support many peoples, including me :) Especially Star. I love the rhythm and lyrics. Best wishes to you , Jay.