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Recently there were a challenges goes around Facebook called B&W photo challenges. The one who nominated by others must post a b&w photo 5 day in a row. And nominated a person each day when he/she post a b&w photo. Haaha. And i was nominated by my friends for this challenges. Well, unlike the ice bucket challenges , you get to help people by spreading out the knowledge about ALS and the making donation. But in my views, it's a point when we back to the basic. Appreciate the art of B&W. I mean ,aren't all the 70 and 80 movie and films are b&w? It create a awareness of appreciate vintage , i guess :) Just in case you guys would like to know what is this challenges about, here is the notes: B&W photo challenge. Day 1/5. (name of person who nominate you ) nominated me to post black and white photo 5 days in a row and nominate one photographer a day to do the same. Today i nominate (who you want to nominate ) Let's spread this messages by start nominate person !
I'm in!
@happyrock I'm down! :-) It's not too long so I hope I can accomplish it haha. I failed a 30 day photo challenge once
Can I just nominate you without posting then @TechAtHeart? you should join @Vaius in doing this!!
Of course i would always welcome on tagging me in this challenges :P
@TechAtHeart awesome!!! :) @caricakes good luck :)
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