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Korean tvN Drama Misaeng Episode 4 Recap and Screenshots
In a voiceover, Geu-rae says that he now has to sell an item to the one person he doesn’t want to, and down on street level, Chief Oh watches the executive director’s car pass him by. Then it stops and he runs up to it, bowing deeply. He humbly asks the executive director to drop the disciplinary case on Dong-shik as a favor, but instead of directly answering, the executive director orders his driver to continue on. On the rooftop, Geu-rae and Seok-yul are reeling from the news about the second part of their presentation. Geu-rae sees it as another game strategy: It’s about revealing yourself through your partner. If he decides to buy his partner’s item, it will only make his partner look good. But if he rashly rejects the item, then it makes him look petty. Seok-yul proves that he doesn’t care about seeming petty, though, as he warns him that no matter what Geu-rae tries to sell him, he’ll never buy it. Never....
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This drama is really perfect
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