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hello!! do you share same opinion with me? i mean that kang ha neul"min hyun jae" is a good and kind person i mean i loved him since the first episode but when i sow him with his little sis i totally fall for him ..i mean who won‘t fall for handsome,tall ,hard working .kind person but pretend to be not kkk i like him simply kk
yep we all love him i thought that i am the only one who likes bad guys kk but it turned out not kk
he wasn't really bad..he was overshadowed ny taejoon's godlike figure and wanted to prove himself.. may be he chose the wrong means but i never really hated him
I like him anyway....
i like him when he stop doing bad things to tae joon & kind to eun gyeol ... hihi !
Oh, but I like him a lot!!!!!!! Bad guys are always far more interesting than good ones...
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