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Even though this is skateboarding, i need to share this.

A skatepark is an unsafe environment for most little kids, and this is a good reason why they shouldn't be allowed in parks. They don't know right from wrong at that age. And they don't know skatepark etiquette.
This is so frustrating to watch lol
This is the worst. I'm not really sure what you can do. Tell the kid to stop, he doesn't. Try to find the parents, but that is probably not possible. Last resort is to move away or just sit there until he gets bored.
The first 3 minutes is the kid knocking the board over constantly, the rest is just them trying a trick. My point is in the first 3 minutes of the video.
Ugh, some kids who are genuinely trying to learn are fine by me to come to a park but this kid is just a nuisance
Yeah @CooperBridentha thats why I quit going to my skate park. Bad vibes.
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