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Former head of Google Pay launches new company, Poynt
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Osama Bedier, former head of Google Pay and Paypal exec, is launching new company, Poynt. It is a smart terminal for business owners to use to make payment transactions quicker and easier. It will include all the latest payment technologies including a Hybrid EMV/MSR card reader, NFC antenna, QR/barcode camera, and Bluetooth antenna. It is designed to work seamlessly with whatever equipment merchants are already using. There is even no need to switch banks. It comes with 3 apps: a terminal app, a register app and a “co-pilot” app that provides the merchant all the data, transactions,and more. I personally love the design of it, it looks so sleek and the size seems great. I wonder how long it will take for all the stores to switch to smart technology for payment transactions. Merchants can pre-order it for $299 to receive it early 2015.
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