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Yikes, looks like Microsoft beat Apple's release of their wearable! Microsoft Band is officially out and you can buy it for $199. Here are the specs and features for you gadget junkies out there [taken from official website]: Features: • 24-hour heart rate monitor: Gives better understanding of your calorie burn, sleep patterns, and peak and resting heart rate so you can perform at your best. • Run: View your run summary on your band with personalized metrics in the phone app including pace splits and heart rate. • Steps: Set a goal and track your progress. Calculates the calories burned and the distance traveled each day. • Built-in GPS: Measures the distance you run, tracks pace and route. Save favorites to retrace your steps and challenge yourself later. • Calorie tracking: Count the calories you burn each day. View daily or weekly stats, set goals, and receive a virtual "high-five" when you reach them. • Sleep tracking: When activated, Microsoft Band tracks the length and quality of your sleep. Analyze the sleep charts in your app to gain insights about your slumber. ( I need this!!!!) • Guided Workouts: Fun and challenging workouts from fitness partners like Gold's Gym, Shape, and Men's Fitness with exercise prompts on the band and much more in the app. • Goal setting: Set daily step and calorie goals. Microsoft Band notifies you when you meet them so that you can stay motivated. • UV monitor: Get a quick read of the UV Index while you’re out and about. Notifications ( you can choose which alerts to get on wrist) • Get texts to wrist • See incoming calls • Get calendar alerts • Monitor & preview emails • Facebook, twitter notifications • Cortana: (only Windows Phone 8.1) take notes, set reminders with voice • Weather & Finance • Watch mode & Do not disturb mode • Timer/Stopwatch • Starbucks: Just scan with wrist! (Sounds so nice!) Fitness Partners: • Runkeeper, Gold's Gym, MyFitnessPal Specs: • Band made with thermal plastic elastomer, adjustable clasp • 11mm x 33mm, Capacitive 1.4" full color display with 320x106px resolution • Battery Life: 48hrs normal use, Dual 100mAh rechargable lithium-ion polymer battery • Charge time: ~1.5 hr average • Bluetooth 4.0 • Works with Windows Phone 8.1, iOS 7.1 +, Android 4.3-4.4 • Dust & splash resistant Buy Online: What are your thoughts? With holiday season just around the corner, do you see yourself buying this?
Looks cool, wish I had Windows phone to test out Cortana
Yeah @csgeek it would be nice to test out. I don't think I would ever buy a Windows phone though, not my style haha :)