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I have a spot hidden in a creek, off a main river, where there are a lot of shad and game fish. Still, I am having a hard time keeping them hooked! I got 1 in about a three hour stretch using a blue/black Senko. Typically, I'd use a topwater frog here, but leaf litter is heavy and I get too hung up trying to reel it in. Anyway I know there are crappie, sand bass and large mouth stalking the back of this creek, I've lost quite a few large fish because I couldn't get them up to the bank. There's also quite a lot of submerged timber, so crankbaits aren't really an options, and the water has heavy stain to it. My question is what's your favorite lures to throw when shad are balled up in the back of creeks? @dougjohnson @BrianMcNeeley @yakwithalan and everybody, I'd appreciate all and any tips.
I agree with the jigs and some small spinner . I fish a lot of submerged trees ,tree roots and who knows what else . I've also used 12' or longer poles that I could use slip Bobber's on and use it like and ice fishing jig . I'm a jig fan . I rarely use anything bigger than a 1/32 ounce lead head . if its not to brushy I might tie on two jigs about 16 inches apart and try two different colored plastics to see if one is better than the other . I'd really like to know more about ur hiding spot . r u fishing from steep bank ? In a boat ? can u wade ? more info may help me understand why only 1in 3hrs . Don't know if I could stay that long in one spot if I only caught 1 fish though. . OK OK I do admit I have stayed in a spot like that just cause I'm like u . I knew they we're there I just didn't figure out how to get consistent bite and hook ups .
Try a spinner bait with a Texas rig worm under the skirt to help keep the hook weedless. Also use a willow leaf and Colorado spinner combo. The vibration important in stain water. Shiny long willow leaf spinner will flash like shad. Don't crank spinner bait too fast. Can even bounce spinner bait like jig. Bounce it off the submerged structure like logs.
@CaseyJohnson Totally agree....I've been here for a while but the more of you all that are around and posting tips and comments I've been able to learn a lot more.
great info on this post keep kicking butt guys this site has been very helpful very excited to be part of it ...@dougjohnson @BrianMcNeeley @JustinFranks @yakwithalan @mcgraffy
they make a 3way swivel to help do this but I just use a single line rig . thread ur jig or lure which ever u prefer as this will help out with action to the second one . "I use jigs but have tried it with a rapela and have caught fish . mostly on the lower one but depending on fishes mood . " I start with a 16 inch space and try that . adjust as see fit . let me know how it works . I myself very rarely use a single jig anymore unless I'm fishing a real snagy area . .
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