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Sometime you just don't want to do crunches. Here are four killer moves for getting those flat abs you've always wanted without sitting on the ground! To learn how to choose the proper dumbbell weight for these exercises, visit @Nisfit's card here: 1. Dumbbell Side Bend - 10 Reps 2. Standing Core Stabilizer - 10 Reps 3. Bow Extension - 10 Reps Each Side 4. Reverse Dumbbell Chop - 10 Reps Each Side
clipping for later ;) Thanks @getfitwithamy
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@SJeanyoon Ditto. I need to work my flabby stomach. It's getting hard to sleep on the side! :(
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I love the side bends!
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These are great moves! You can do the "chop" moves with anything heavy - not just dumbbells :)
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This is a LIE. A person can do 10,000 of these all day long. but if the other 98% of their day isn't correct this exercise WILL NOT produce the expected results. ie; THE KITCHEN.
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