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Here is a quick guide on how to mount your bike to your wall so you can save some room in your house. Materials: 1 wall mounted bike rack 1 wall plugs 6m 1 hammer drill with masonry drill bit 1 screw to fit the 6m plugs Step 1: Choose a type of mount. There are many different styles of mounts, but we are going to use a traditional hook mount like seen in picture 1. Step 2: Buy a hook mount. Just like there are many types of mount, there are many types of hook mounts. Just buy one that fits your style and budget. I personally like and use this one: Step 3: Find a good area and mark it out. You are going to want to find a place to mount your bike that it will fit and be out of the way. Measure out a level position for your bike that is high enough so that the bike can stand up and mark down where the holes are so you can have a guide for drilling. If you have drive wall make sure to mark an area where there is a wooden stud. Step 4: Drill holes in the wall! You are going to need a power drill to drill holes into your wall. If you don't have one, family or friends probably do. Make sure your measurement are correct before drilling. Step 5: Plugs. After you drill the holes you will need plugs in order to drive a screw into it. This isn't necessary but will hold up much better over time. Step 6: Install the rack. Just screw the rack into the wall. If you did the previous steps correctly then this should be a breeze! Step 7: Mount your bike(s) onto the wall and admire your mastery of both cycling and home improvement. WARNING!: You are going to want to put up something that will protect the non-mounted wheel from the wall. The tire WILL leave black marks on the wall if it doesn't have something between it. If you really can't think of anything then just use painters tape or something.
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Thanks for the tips! This was a great write up