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I usually don't take black and white photos, but I was inspiried by @Vaius's challenge, so here's one of my recent snaps! An indie group that I love played their last show a few weekends ago and I wanted to record the moment. I am not usually one to take photos or videos at concerts, but because it was the last show I felt that I had to. This photo came out a bit darker than I wanted but I like it just the same. I challenge @hikaymm for the B&W challenge!
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@caricakes This picture makes me so sad :( I'll try too! I'll post mine in a bit :)
@caricakes ooohh :/ what's the name of the group?
@TechAtHeart they're called the Lads, I'll post some of their stuff soon!
@caricakes awesome, thanks!!!
The dark looks good nice contrast.