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Have you ever wanted to take a closer look at some brown bears? If so, I still don't recommend you try to pet them, but traveling to Tongass National Forest in Alaska might be the place for you! This National Forest has more than 17 million acres: it is a temperature forest with dozens of types of wild animals. One of those types of animals is the brown bear. Ben Hamilton traveled to the forest to see those brown bears: this video (sponsored by National Geographic) captures these animals in their natural habitat! Amazing, right? If you want to visit the National Forest for yourself, and get a chance to see some amazing animals, check out their website here: There are also specific areas built by the National Forest were people can see the bears in a natural habitat without disturbing them. These are places bears congregate naturally when there are fish around. Facilities have been built to make it easier and safer for people and bears to coexist, allowing the people to view the bears with minimum disturbance to them. For more information about specific bear viewing areas, check the sites below. Anan Creek (Wrangell) Fish Creek (Hyder) Margaret Creek (Ketchikan) Pack Creek (Juneau) And find more information about the bear viewing sites here:
@hikaymm I know!! It's so great. I wish every animal had a video like this
I love his voiceover!! I got so annoyed with that guy making the "standard" talk about bears and danger, but then he cut in and it was really enjoyable. Clearly, he really loves these animals!