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For more information, refer to the links below. How to Vingle Part 2: Using Collections How to Vingle Part 3: Creating Cards How to Vingle Part 4: Remake How to Vingle Part 5: Mobile Writing
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Hi! New Christian gamer and anime watcher here! Nice to meet everyone (∩_∩)
2 years ago·Reply
you regret it... no thanks haha
a year ago
Newbie here! Kpop + Anime = Life
2 years ago·Reply
a year ago
hey I'm at newbee here anime+japan=Life goal's
2 years ago·Reply
hi i'm a fanatic of korean dramas, girl group and boy band .. i love to see them in person
3 years ago·Reply
hello im merlie from the philippines like to go to korea to see all my korean idol
3 years ago·Reply
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