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These boards have helped me get through a lot in my life, I wasn't very good when I started and I'm still not amazing but I'm still learning. Longboarding isn't just about going down the biggest hill or pulling off the longest slide, it's about finding yourself and just have fun with friends and family so just get out there and have fun. I know I am.
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Me too! Mongo just feels right. Im trying to practice normal though...
3 years ago·Reply
That's what I'm currently practicing. but it does
3 years ago·Reply
I must admit, I started pushing mongo. The only upside with learning to push normal is that I have the versatility to comfortably push with both feet now. :D
3 years ago·Reply
I skate goofy and I just started practicing skating regular, backwards, any way that I thought of. And once you get your balance right it's all easy. You can do it
3 years ago·Reply
Yeah I just have trouble pushing regular when I start to go faster and what not. But @mikerosa92 I had the exact same thought when I decided to learn and push normal
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