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Hello I'm still new to long boarding and want to start doing downhill. My current board was a pre made santa cruz surf style with a kicktail in the back. I was wondering what board would be good for downhill and what gear I should get?
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sorry if this is a dumb question just started longboarding 1 month ago but what is a Pintail and sidewinders
a Pintail is when the board comes to a point at an end and idk what a sidewinder is.
Gullwing sidewinders are trucks that are OK for ONLY cruising
My set up is any wide brick or symetrical w concave and ive been riding bear/caliber/and ronin trucks, with 65-70mm wheels 78-84a duro, i stick with my landyachtz.
if I win I'll take video's and pictures. I'll teach people around me how to casually ride. I'm not a trickster yet. in time I'll gain the confidence to do so.