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Hello I'm still new to long boarding and want to start doing downhill. My current board was a pre made santa cruz surf style with a kicktail in the back. I was wondering what board would be good for downhill and what gear I should get?
This is all in my opinon so take it with a grain of salt. Longboarding is a lot about personal preferences and if you have the chance to ride a variety of gear, do it! First and foremost get a good helmet and some slide gloves. Additional padding (elbows and knee pads) are recommended but Slide gloves and a helmet will suffice. For downhill/free ride I'd usually go with a drop through. IMO Landyachtz switchblade line up is great for free riding and pushing is easy with a drop through. if you want more stability you cam top mount it. Any drop through will do.
@DavidHaskin once you've joined the community, you're in. And if you win the board you are expected to take a ton of pictures of it people, so make sure you do that! Good luck!
You'll need knee pads (you'll fall on your knees a lot) MAYBE elbow pads, slide gloves for sure. And most of all, a CERTIFIED helmet.
Before you go fast, you need to know how to slow down. @steezus Imagining someone dhing a pintail + sidewinders is hilarious to me. I need to find out if anyone as done it
That is true @MicahKnopp but if you're going 30+ you won't live if you're skating on a pintail with Gullwing sidewinders. So while I agree you can skate anything, i don't think it counts if you don't live through it haha
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