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Bumgarner earned a sensational save to go along with two sparkling wins as a starter in the Series. That on top of being MVP of the National League Championship Series and pitching a record 52 2/3 innings in this postseason, no one deserved the MVP more than him. He simply carried the team on his back and was the only effective starter on the Giants.
Felt bad for the guy who presented him the truck
@Spudsy2061 Truly amazing. He was basically the only pitcher the Giants had. Everyone else nearly blew it besides Affeldt.
I really dislike the Giants (sorry) but Bumgarner deserves this. He pitched amazing and honestly I can't remember the last time a relief pitcher was the MVP; it's almost unheard of. Shows what an influence he had. What was it a 6 inning save? Amazing.
Historic performance. I'm kind of sad that Panda is not getting the credit he deserves for breaking another record.