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Tony Romo once again missed practice due to a sore back. However he has stated he will play Sunday if it simply comes down to pain tolerance. We believe him as he has been a warrior and usually plays despite being injured. He will wear extra padding if he suits up to protect his ribs and back. The Cowboys will need Romo in their high profile game against the NFC West leading Cardinals. Should be an amazing matchup.
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Thanks, @EightyNine :( Yeah, things have taken a bad turn. I really really hope they can turn it around. That will be the true test of whether they've really matured enough as a team.
I also feel bad for the Niners. Things just haven't been right at all since that first win against the Cowboys (hexed!) - and even then they didn't look excellent - just really capitalized on the big Cowboys mistakes. Not a positive year, but I hope they can pull it together, too.
@sanityscout Yes lets hope for a Cowboys Niners NFC Championship lol
Old school! That really takes me back to the 90s.. old rivalries reignited!
@sanityscout Definitely! Don't think the Niners will make it this year but if ROmo comes back strong I like the Cowboys chances now that Foles is out for the Eagles