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rappin about longboarding lol
A little sneek peek into our blogging movie: http://youtu.be/t1I0dndI7QIl Wayy back when I first started longboarding adventures..
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@ayedude693 I hear that. You should post more of your blog though! I've always thought about making one myself
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@mikerosa92 Mann the blog was about 3 hours long.. and I lost the whole content.! :\ I managed to find this clip on youtube.. right now I'm in the process of filming another movie of training for Teutonia.! idk if you've heard of the race but you should check it out.. and you should definitely try making a blog.! its fun
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you're training for teutonia? That's a gnarly race
3 years ago·Reply
@RobynSecor Yeah its my dream to race in Teutonia :)
3 years ago·Reply
All you need is me beatboxing in there and that's a rap!
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