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Even though this is a really funny clip by comedian Russell Howard of BBC Good News, it touches on a serious issue: news cover of the Ebola outbreaks that have occurred. When New Jersey residents were polled, it was found that those who were following news of the outbreak most closely were those with the most inaccurate information. The media is to cause for many frenzies that have occurred across the nation: teachers and principles who were not even close to the outbreak, or to any infected patients, have been forced out of their positions on mandatory leave for no reason at all. While the Ebola outbreak is not something that should be ignored, it is also not something that should be sensationalized like other news. What would happen if we did have a serious outbreak? What news source remains that we can rely on to give accurate news? Thankfully, things are changing: there has been an appeal to calm and common sense by some stations in the past week, and when George Will tried to say that the virus is airborne, he was thankfully shot down and corrected. Let's hope that the Ebola madness can be stopped, and serve a lesson to better the media coverage of such problems in the future!
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@nokcha And it's so unfortunate! We need to find a way to solve this. It needs to end!
This is how news stories always are here in America! So, so dramatized :/