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So I want to get a different graphic but I don't have the best of art skills. I was wondering if I would be able to commission someone who is skilled with a pen to do my board. I am not comfortable with sending my board out of state. So if someone in Arizona would do it that would be awesome
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I am out of state, but ill get some of my art on here and see if you want me to draw you something. I can literally draw anything from abstract art to animals. if you like it ill come down to AZ sometime soon and get it done.
@steezus I'll check on it, there was an ios update yesterday so that might be why
It seems fine now, its nothing to worry about. Just weirded me out for a sec. It actually looked pretty cool.
@filirican get in here!!
I think trying to get a screened design for your board would be a good idea :) you can choose a photo and I could edit it with my Fragment app similar to the other ones I made. But I'm pretty sure we would have to use narrow pic to stretch across your entire board so that it won't look crappy or pixilated when it's done.