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I need help
So I want to get a different graphic but I don't have the best of art skills. I was wondering if I would be able to commission someone who is skilled with a pen to do my board. I am not comfortable with sending my board out of state. So if someone in Arizona would do it that would be awesome
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I am out of state, but ill get some of my art on here and see if you want me to draw you something. I can literally draw anything from abstract art to animals. if you like it ill come down to AZ sometime soon and get it done.
It seems fine now, its nothing to worry about. Just weirded me out for a sec. It actually looked pretty cool.
I think trying to get a screened design for your board would be a good idea :) you can choose a photo and I could edit it with my Fragment app similar to the other ones I made. But I'm pretty sure we would have to use narrow pic to stretch across your entire board so that it won't look crappy or pixilated when it's done.