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I don't about you guys, but when I see someone catching a fish either A) illegally or B) incorrectly (or, even worse, a combo of A and B), I get really mad! These guys are netting sturgeon in Ontario, which seems to be illegal based on some quick googling, and have done a really poor job of it. That is not how you handle a fish, especially not if you plan to release it back in the water. On top of that, they left a net in the water, and released the sturgeon in correctly. For such a protected fish that is illegal to net, this is disgusting.
Hopefully the DNR will find these yahoos and book them!
@Briansherwood I sure hope so too. When I saw it posted people said they had sent it over so I hope that's the case...I believe it happened in Canada and i'm not sure of the laws that exist but this cant be ok.
I'm all about getting a big catch and having fun but even this is just too far.
@BrianSherwood yeah!!! I cant believe this happened. too bad we can check everyone.
I wouldn't even call this fishing.