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Been longboarding for four almost five full years now. It's great and I've only had one board the entire time so I am looking forward to getting a new board after I start working this year. But that does not mean I don't love my first board, it was a hand me down from my brother, it's a 34 in bamboo pintail that has lasted through so much. Love this thing.<3
first boards are usually the worst in quality in the best in sentimental value
that board has character man. I can only imagine how many miles and all the places it's been.
I wouldnt mind seeing this guy get the board!
can never replace your first board. Mine was a hand me down from my brother too, it was an unbranded, flat, skateboard style cruiser, except it had a tail, from a local skate shop. He hadnt used it a lot, and for my birthday he gave it to me and put some Bear Gs, Bones Super reds, and Purp In Heats. I still own that board and ride it occasionally. like I said, you can never replace it.
@rugslap I'd love if that'd happen but with my luck I doubt it's going to.
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