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Morro Bay Estuary, located in California, produced this video about Steelhead conservation: it takes a serious look at the changes in the Morro Bay area, and other parts of California, and speaks of how those changes are hurting and affecting the Steelhead. The steelhead must move from freshwater to saltwater each year, and in this area, it must move through the Morro Bay. Steelhead trout are also an indicator of water quality for that reason: they need multiple healthy watersheds to survive. When their populations decline in an area, it shows that there is something ruining the watershed.
@mcgraffy @dougjohnson Yep, it's an important problem. Many fisherman are fine to not worry about it though which is a bigger problem if you ask me.
@dougjohnson I'll try to do that; glad you're interested. Since you're the fishing mod it's good to have your support in saving these fish.
@yakwithalan Well to be honest, I don't know much about it, so if you have more to share please do!
@mcgraffy yeah I think I agree I mean, we want to fish, so we need the fish to live. Healthy catch and release and keeping our waters clean is all that will cause that.
Anytime a fish is going extinct in an area, then we need to be concerned about our practices. Thanks for sharing @yakwithalan