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I am a straight-A student and need to relieve some stress on myself. I think longboarding will help me with that.
It does. I've been told it also helps with depression. This sport helps you unwind and relieve stress in a healthy way. Welcome bro!
The feeling of freedom for a few hours and to relieve stress was some of the main reasons I got into the sport! Plus I used to spend the same amount of money on drugs for a while, so hey, win-win these days! Freeriding and some good music on long treks gives me the same, if not better, dopamine dumps that getting high used to give.
Definitely. Longboarding causes a state of euphoria. it's really peaceful. unless you do drops. then it's scary as shit and stressful.
Longboards get a euphoric state like a "runner's high" but for skating
@DanielValerio I'm glad to see that something ad simple, yet amazing, as longboarding could help you steer clear of harmful drugs. Good job.
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