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I am a straight-A student and need to relieve some stress on myself. I think longboarding will help me with that.
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That is, if you don't win the contest.
Longboards get a euphoric state like a "runner's high" but for skating
The feeling of freedom for a few hours and to relieve stress was some of the main reasons I got into the sport! Plus I used to spend the same amount of money on drugs for a while, so hey, win-win these days! Freeriding and some good music on long treks gives me the same, if not better, dopamine dumps that getting high used to give.
helped me out so much my first year of college to cruise along the lake by campus.
@DanielValerio I'm glad to see that something ad simple, yet amazing, as longboarding could help you steer clear of harmful drugs. Good job.