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1. Purge on a regular basis I have the tendency to collect things I don't really need. Over time clutter builds up, but I'm hesistant to throw some of the things out (because it's been with me for so long). It's true that clutter comes in faster than it goes out. What I end up doing is mkae an inventory of what I have and what I need. Things I don't use anymore (ex: clothes, shoes) I put it in my "donation" basket and donate it later. 2. Create a dressing room I used to have a dresser outside the closet, but I decided to move everything inside to make it my dressing room. This way I don't have to run back and forth between my drawers and closet in the morning. Plus, I always leave clothes on my bed when I'm trying to put together an outfit. Since I currently live in a one room apartment I use a portable closet to keep my clothes organized. 3. Separate your home office The horror of having a pile of paper and textbook on my desk and on my bed is gone. I never have to go through that again since I'm out of college. I don't like resting in a room that reminds me of work. Hence, I suggest finding a new space for work-related tasks (you'll be more productive without having to stare at the bed). If you have a limited space and your bedroom needs to be your "home office" then I suggest you keep it confined to one corner. You can hang a curtain to divide the area. 4. Use functional furniture The night stand is not your junk-holding facility. Try not to overwhelm area with books, magazines and little things. Put away the items you don't need to avoid clutter. 5. Take advantage of all spaces I try to keep my room clear by using under-the-bed storage. However, I try not use my bedroom as a "catch-all" room. This is a place where I want to be at peace and not worry about work or other things. Hopefully, this is a helpful guide to help keep your room clutter-free.
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#1 totally describes me. I have a drawer of old clothes I don't want to let go but probably should...I guess it's time to have a closet makeover.