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Finding new places to skate is always fun. Even better if you can skate with friends~
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@rugslap, some bearings, like Rush's $52 downhill bearings are weather/water-proof, however, I still don't recommend riding w/ wet wheels and no helmet, you could easily accidentally slide when turning and take damage. Good find though man! Watch for Garage Security officers though.
Ah ok, thanks! Im just super wary about riding down in Louisiana. Its always freaking wet down here. lol
@elysian certified helmets are about $50. Medical bills are much, much more. Even while cruising I wear mine, because I tend to carve and pump a lot, and one small mistake or one small pebble can send you flying.
on most parking garages there are small standing point almost like a balcony. when it rains it hits those 'balconies' and traps rain.