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Finding new places to skate is always fun. Even better if you can skate with friends~
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@rugslap, some bearings, like Rush's $52 downhill bearings are weather/water-proof, however, I still don't recommend riding w/ wet wheels and no helmet, you could easily accidentally slide when turning and take damage. Good find though man! Watch for Garage Security officers though.
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Ah ok, thanks! Im just super wary about riding down in Louisiana. Its always freaking wet down here. lol
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@elysian certified helmets are about $50. Medical bills are much, much more. Even while cruising I wear mine, because I tend to carve and pump a lot, and one small mistake or one small pebble can send you flying.
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why is it so wet inside?
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on most parking garages there are small standing point almost like a balcony. when it rains it hits those 'balconies' and traps rain.
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