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Microsoft has just revealed their first wearable tech piece, the Microsoft Band, which can track a user's sleep and exercise as well as connect to a health service on smartphones. The device can operate for two days on a single charge and has 10 sensors that can track heart rate, calories, stress and even a person's sun exposure. I don't know if I have any use for this in my life, but it seems like Microsoft isn't really targeting my demographic. They're aiming for the upper levels of the fitness world -- professional athletes, etc. If this is successful and they make a more affordable version, I might be interested.
I am actually interested with this device. I would love to have one! Of course, when I have enough luxury to afford this lol
I just read @TechAtHeart's card about this here: Seems really intense!
I'm surprised microsoft hadn't come out with wearable tech sooner?
They definitely have been going after the sports market. Pretty sure they will give these out to all of the NFL players since they all already use the Microsoft SUrface on the sidelines
@EightyNine I had no idea, I should keep up with sports