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When I was in high school I lived on my scale. Every morning I'd check what I weighed and it would set the tone for my entire day. It wasn't healthy. Now, I don't have a scale anywhere in my house and I am much less worried about my body-image. I eat healthily and workout to make myself feel great. Here are a few reasons why you should be living a scale-free life too! - It can be an emotional trigger That number, and its slight fluctuations, can make you feel insecure, uncomfortable, and discouraged. Yes, it can do the opposite, but in most cases your bathroom scale is a source of some serious stress. - It does not necessarily tell you anything about your health We all have a certain weight that is too high and too low, but in the grand scheme of things your scale is not your doctor and cannot tell you whether you are healthy or not. It gives you one piece of information, rather than a whole picture. If you want a clear understanding of the shape you're in, the simplest way is to get a physical. - It is not in charge of you! Without your scale and the constant checking and tracking of numbers, you will be able to concentrate on actually being healthy. Eat what makes you feel good, exercise so you feel fit. Don't worry about every ounce that gets lost or gained, and you will he a happier, healthier you.
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Such a great point. ...really! No more scales for me!!
Advice I think everyone needs, but easier said than done!
i needed to read this too.
what is this scale u speak of?? lol...I've never understood the point of having one anyway. well, not since I stopped growing...
Well. I feel like it is required. If you make it your life's goal then you will definitely feel down or up with the changes of numbers on the scale. But if you take it to just keep you fit. May be you will start to think of it in a different way.