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There is nothing more refreshing than a good vacation. Ideally you'll hop off your plane, throw your bags in your hotel room, and go explore your new neighborhood! I have only heard stories of people having this experience, because in my family there is always a mandatory nap after we get off the plane and finally get to our new beds. Even the tiniest bit of travel can wipe you out, but why is that?! ~ Lower Oxygen Levels Oxygen needs to be pumped into the plane so that we can breathe, but the amount given to us is not what many people are used to. Let's say you're on a cross-country flight: You've just sat on top of an 8,000 foot mountain for 6 hours! For people who live at or below sea level, that can seriously affect you. It makes you feel lethargic and frustrated. Even if it doesn't cause fatigue, reduced oxygen levels can make your thinking a bit less sharp. (Don't drink alcohol and he sure to get up and walk around the plane - you'll feel less fatigued!) ~ Lower Humidity Levels Because the air in the plane comes from extremely dry, high-altitude parts of the atmosphere, the inside of the plane itself is drier than a desert. About 30 minutes after takeoff, the humidity in the cabin drops down to nearly zero. This makes it really easy to get dehydrated, especially on long trips! (Hydrate before and during the flight - buy a water bottle to keep at your seat!) For tips on beating jet lag (another awful side effect of flights) check out this card here:
No alcohol on planes?! But in-flight bloody marys are so good!
Sitting in one place for a long time takes a lot out of me no matter where I am, getting up to move around does wonders!
Hydration is key. I also cut all caffeine a week before a long flight. That way when I need the boost, it's really going to work! Benadryl on a long flight to sleep and to fight off the sinus pressure, too.
No wonder I feel like a soaked sponge after a flight -_-
Low oxygen level is always my problem. I try staying hydrated on the plane, but I hate taking trips to the lavatory (especially if I'm seated in the middle).