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homemade gloves. hometown slides.

Kalamazoo, MI - The Epic Center Parking Ramp. If you didn't have a friend to drive you back to the top of Bronson Ave, this was the next best thing. Smooth concrete, working elevators, and no one ever parked there. It was beautiful. for us. Everyone has that one spot that they try to keep a secret, this was that spot. It was my worst kept secret. If you ever find yourself riding this garage, just make sure you stop and take the elevator back up at the third floor. or else be prepared for the segway security chase, which in reality was always the most fun.
Thanks Tom! I actually used this app called "splice" because I was too lazy to upload, and edit in premiere. And Mike, thats awesome! Garages are the best place to just cruise and chill.
Parking garages are some of my favorite places to skate. You aren't alone, a few of my friends and I have secret garages
With what did you edit this video? Its nice
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