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@MasriDaniela I finally attempted kimbap. It didn't look too pretty the first time I rolled it XD. Also, Santa Barbara has only one tiny Asian market so I had to improvise with some of the ingredients :'( It was so fun, though!!
I loooove kimbap. How'd it taste?
@danidee not perfect...hehe, but it was so wonderful to be able to eat kimbap! I have 0 korean restaurants around me at school so it was really nice to be able to eat some!!!
It was good! I had to use japanese nori, so it tasted a bit different because of that. Next time I'll try chicken breast or bbq beef!! :)
Woooow ....that's perfect. it tastes??? Same here don't bother too much time u will add something new ...always play with ingredients ...sometime chicken breast grilled ...sometimes omelet. ..anyway ....always we eat everything ...
Wow, nicely made! I know how hard is to cook Korean food in foreign country. Why don't you try dried tuna kimbab with kketnip? It's even more delicious with mayo mixed! 馃構