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25 year old film maker, Arjun Menon, is currently living and working in Mumbai. He wanted to use his talent to show that India is not what all of the stereotypes make it out to be. “I want to change the conventional perception of what India is, beyond the bullock carts and snake charmers,” Arjun Menon told BuzzFeed. In order to make this video, Arjun travelled India for 4 months and collected over 2 million images. Watch this small preview of his video and follow his work on his website here:
I live in India and I've never been fascinated about anything. The attempt by Arjun is good, but myself being in film making, i can tell he didn't do much or put much effort into this. He only featured 2 places in this video, thia is NOT India. India is much more than those barren mountains (barren because last year we had a biggest flood in India's history) and Taj Mahal which is one of the seven wonders. India truly is much more than this. I can't agrre that he spent 4 months traveling. Anyways it was still good. I might do something like this too when i grow up a little more.
This is so beautiful. I don't know if I'll ever be able to visit India, but I surely like learning about it.