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Happy Halloween, everyone :) I loveeee Halloween, and I've been seeing so many delicious treats, fun costume ideas and more on Vingle, so I thought I'd list up my favorite cards so that others can see them, too, since they're from a variety of communities. Enjoy, and Happy Halloween! * Collections: - Halloween Costume Ideas: If you're running out of time, try these! @iluvdurian31 - Classy Halloween Decor: The best ideas to add something spooky before your parties today :) by @galinda - Vegan Halloween: Vegan? Have a vegan friend? Follow these candy tips :) by @asparagus - Halloween Food: Because the best part of Halloween /might/ be eating! by @iluvdurian31 - For the pun lover in us all, Punny Halloween Costumes: by @ChristinaBryce * Cards - Spooky Halloween Creative Writing: by @greggr - Adorable Halloween bento inspiration! by @neostar86 - Hollywood Halloween: The Best Hollywood Costume ideas! by @pixiedust - Scary Halloween pranks: please don't do this to me!! by @mcgraffy - Art History themed Halloween Costumes! by @danidee
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oh, thanks. glad you liked that. real spooky!
3 years ago·Reply
@danidee I know! So many fun things~ @greggr @mcgraffy Glad you both shared such fun things ^^
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3 years ago·Reply
@CaseyAveritt lol did you like them?
3 years ago·Reply
This is a great selection of cards, and thank you so much for including me @onesmile!
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