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Ok, so this isn't so much a "Crash Course in Socrates" as it is a "Cute Course in Socrates," but I do still think there is something great to be learned from this video! Put together by NPR Education, it highlights the ideas of students from a school in California that bases it's learning system completely around the idea of the Socratic Seminar (for those who are unfamiliar, this means that not only are the teachers questioning, but so are the students, and there is a high focus on discussion rather than lecture!) How do students react to this style of learning, which has it's routes in the great thinker Socrates? Well, they seem to live it. This piece was produced in conjunction with a series that NPR is running called 50 Great Teachers. This yearlong project is going to feature 50 great teachers, and the impacts that their lessons have had on education overall. Before releasing this video, they also released an article about these schools using the Socratic Seminar system, please check it here: Overall, I think it's a really great method to try learning, and shows that it is possible to continue to refine and grow our system of education. Education isn't lost!