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1. Avoid tight clothes over the belly area! It’s better to highlight your strengths and draw attention away from your weaknesses (in this case, your stomach). 2. Layering works like magic to disguise a belly. Opt for layers with long cardigans or wear jackets to create a vertical line and draw eyes away from your belly. 3. Stay away from belts. You don’t know to draw attention to your “midlife” belly. If you have to accessorize, go for a statement necklace instead. 4. Avoid body-con dress. It may be flattering if you have a S-Line, but in this case it’s better to go for a dress that drapes over the belly. 5. In general, dark color clothes makes you appear slimmer. Do invest in a few color other than black. 6. If you’re going to a potluck where something loose and comfortable. Chances are you will eat a lot and you don’t want to unbutton your jeans or pants from a bloated stomach. 7. Shapewear is a great addition to your wardrobe. It does a pretty good job hiding your belly when you wear fitted clothes. However, comfort is first, so don't invest in one that suffocates you. Image from Thinkstock
HAhahaha this image made me laugh out loud!
This is my life. It's so hard to hide my tummy in some outfits! Cardigans are a godsend.