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CONGRATULATIONS! Our Vingle Longboarding Community Giveaway has concluded and our winners have been selected! If you didn't win this time, stay tuned, there are MORE giveaways to come!! First place prize: @BenKaplan Congrats man, you will be receiving a fully kitted Loaded Tesseract. Second place prize: @Steezus Woo! You are getting a Landyachtz Switchblade! Consolation Prize: @tristendamon We wanted to give everyone a prize, but we just didn't have enough this time. You'll be getting a set of Amber Freeride wheels! If you won a prize, please message me so we can set up how it the prize will be delivered to you! There are MORE giveaways to come so please stayed tuned for more free gear!!
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woaw my friend got me here on Vingle because we're fucking aspirants of longboarding and unfortunately we can't afford longboards sad. :(
Hahahaha I really wouldn't call myself a "real longboarder" because everybody who longboards, is a real longboarder haha. Although I will consider myself fairly...intermediate in freestyle and dancing.