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entirely small..
It was a quarter till six, mid fall. The sun was just starting to set as the horizon swallowed all the color from the sky, slowly draining the pinks, reds, and oranges till its nothing but stars and blackness. Staring up at a sky so infinite really has a power at this time. A kind of power that engulfs the human brain into deep self evaluation, and thought. It's such a wonder. How very small we are here, and yet how large we feel at times. Staring at that sky literally drained me of stress and completely washed away the pity, and bitterness of the city. All the little tiny worries, all the little hopes and dreams all seem so small and irrelevant. This giant universe has so much beauty and meaning.
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"How very small we are here, and yet how large we feel at times." I love this thought: it's something that we have all had before, and we all can understand the related imagery that surrounds it through that thought. We mean something, but we're so small, and yet we know we mean something! Interesting exploration, for sure.
it is a thought everybody will have I love how you can't make a specific meaning for it it's something you personally take from it. thanks for reading guys!