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Longboard giveaway!
Because I am a private source I am making this a long term contest in attempt to get as much people as I can to participate. I want the objective of this contest to be achievable so the rules are simple, like this post, and leave a comment briefly telling my why you want the longboard. One post per person. If you double post I will disregard your previous posts and you will be disqualified from recieving any prize. Once this post reaches (*depending on the number of entries)a certain number of likes/comments I will give away each board at its designated 'like' milestone. I recently read some posts about a few users telling eachother that longboarding has helped in overcoming certain challenges in their lives. I am truly inspired by this, which is why I'm giving away three longboards. Though, this contest will be open to everyone, keep in mind that there are people out there that are less fortunate than others. *So I said depending on the number of participants. lets say the first few (1-2) days I get 100 likes, that means theres a good amount of people trying to win these boards. So the first milestone would be 500-1000 likes. and if the likes slow down, the milestomes would be cut short so that I can for sure get these boards out. If you are chosen to recieve a longboard your name will be held until the last board gets its owner. I will skype/facetime/call with the participants who win and drive to my local boardshop with cash to order each board to your address, that way it comes straight from each company rather than my address and that way I dont have to spend 150 dollars each to send these boards out. And lets be real, if they came to me, I'd keep them. The first of boards, I thought was pretty damn cool. Its a glow board from sector 9. For all you night riders out there! I didnt do much reading into these boards I just thought having this beats taping glowsticks to the bottom of your board and having them fall off half way down your run. The board is shaped like a pintail and has a beast image so its definitely a crowd pleaser. The second board is a landyachtz R5. This board is strictly downhill. With the occasional cruise/freeriding. Very stiff. Very fast. Lastly but very certainly not least, my personal favorite, the Loaded Vanguard. These boards are stunning, they flex, they have incredible turn radius.. Its the ultimate cruiser/freeride board for you pumpers, dancers, carvers whatever lingo you youngins use these days.. Just a reminder though, that it will be a long term contest so ill give it maybe 5-6 months before i get the last board out to you guys. This is the first contest I have done on here so Im 'testing the waters' for how it will work on here. Good luck, safe riding. Quick update here guys, since we got about 100 likes in 3 days and its slowing down a bit we will do the first name draw at 250 likes and to speed it up im posting it in skateboarding as well. Another update 07-05-2015 Since I haven't received anymore likes we're going to go ahead and draw some names and start getting ready to get information going to get this process completed.
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so is this still a thing? I know you wanted this to last but it's been a while
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This is absolutely still a thing. Keep up the likes and comments!!!
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if we don't get any likes by Monday I'll draw names of winners.
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@Nedyah did you ever finish this?
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