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Yep. I draw - paint - create - with pens and pencils. I have a degree in film production and live in the Los Angeles area - I love film making and photography. I am a musician and play guitar and bass guitar. I am a cyclist who rides 7 days a week. I have to be too sick to get out of bed not to go for a short ride. Average is 15 miles. Longest is around 60 *I save these for the weekends - shortest is about 5 - for the days I am tired or just not horribly motivated. Expect lots of pictures of bikes, basses, guitars, cats - I've got a few... and some video content from time-to-time.
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I'm sure you've seen me just kind of dive into all your cards just now (sorry for the notification spam hah) but I just wanted to say welcome, and I'm really enjoying everything you're sharing here.