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Illustrations of Fire & Ice Daenerys Targaryen

I work from photographs mainly. For graphite/pencil illustrations I use a wide variety of tools. Leads from H8 to B8 - blending cones, I like to use microfiber cloth for blending - erasers - my secret weapon (for ultra-fine work) are mechanical drafting pencils at 0.03 to 0.09mm. Pen techniques include brush and ink - ultra-fine draftsman rapidigraph technical pens - ultra-fine sharpie pens. I prefer vellum bristol board at 11x17" or 12x9" For computer illustrations I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and a Wacom Intuos digital tablet.
Pretty much anything one can do to express creativity leaves me in awe. There's an art to communication - but you know that already. :D Thank you for the nice comments. And thanks for taking the time to review my work. I've actually only put things I've done recently on. I've got hundreds of illustrations.
@JonPatrickHyde That's awesome! I have a few friends who use photoshop for illustration and I just look over their shoulder in awe when they can make things other than squiggly lines haha It's a talent all its own!
Actually - sorry! Numbers 8 & 10 are a mix of pencil and pen and ink. I needed/wanted additional shading that pen and cross-hatching couldn't really provide. Especially on number 10. I wanted the shading to be very delicate. So I went with graphite. I don't usually mix the two. I have illustration professors/instructors from my past that would be mortified. But this art is for me. :D
@JonPatrickHyde Exactly!! I can't wait to see more of your work!
Ah. OK. Only the two in color - Number 5 and 6 - 1-4 are pencil. 7-10 are pen and ink. :D
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