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9 x 12 inches
Pencil/graphite - 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 3B, B, F
Mechanical Pencils & Faber-Castell - Castell 9000 Professional Illustration Pencils
Vellum Bristol Board
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Wow!! Your details and shading is so impressive: theyre so realistic.
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Thank you! I started training in illustration as a child, I am thankful my parents encouraged it by finding places for me to take lessons. I've been drawing for 40 years or so... It's one of my true loves.
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These are really amazing, @JonPatrickHyde. I love the way you photographed them with the materials. Sometimes images of artworks can remove them so far from process that it's hard to recapture the human craftsmanship behind them.
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I love the rich shadings & textures that you are able to get. You achieve a photo realistic quality, but you take it beyond that point finding aspects in your subject that a photograph cannot. This piece is one of your best posted examples. I really like it! You are a truly extraordinarily gifted artist. You alluded in your post for young artists (another excellent piece, by the way. I hope that plenty of young artists are able to benefit by it. I think you could do well writing occasional short pieces like that that could benefit young or just budding artists of any age with your know how & experience) to working around surgery rooms. Your regular job is in the medical field?
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@GregBarrett42 - Thanks so much for the kind words. Truly. I worked in medicine for around 7 years before taking a leap of faith in 1995 on this new-fangled thinga-ma-bob called "The Web". From there I moved into marketing & advertising and eventually cinematography and commercial photography. Illustration, like music, is a sort of meditation for me. I go through phases where I'm so excited by a creative challenge - in illustration its about capturing a moment and faithfully bringing it to life - a character or person. In music it's mastering a melody I like and then doing something different with it. I've been away from music for about a year - haven't touched any of my guitars except for a few minutes here or there - and now I've heard some classical music I am itching to recreate with several different guitars and bass guitars - a rearrangement of the original - replacing each instrument's voice (winds, brass, strings) with a unique guitar (either through tuning or effects). For me, like what I said in that article to young artists, it is about my never ending love affair with creative expression and the challenges that come from pushing my boundaries. I think so many people feel afraid of such risks - but I find them relaxing, enjoyable, and educational. In the end I love every second of it and so success or failure it doesn't matter for I'm spending time nurturing and feeding the better part of who I am. Thanks again for your comments - I sincerely appreciate them!
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