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I've been fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work as a cinematographer and photographer on some of the world's largest stages - taking photos of musicians as they perform. Here are a few of my favorite photos.
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These are awesome shots!! Once upon a time I wanted to be a concert photographer but I realized I could never focus on taking pictures, I'd be too into the music! You really captured the energy of these shows!!
I actually almost always have music on while I'm working. So it just sort of works. I think it actually gets me more into a groove... feeling the energy of the band(s) and I don't know... The timing just works out. One thing I have learned. I can see how these performers get addicted to being on stage. I shot LA Rising two years ago - Muse, Lauryn Hill, and Rage Against the Machine's reunion. 50,000 people in that crowd. And all of them screaming "I love you" and calling the band's names. You could feel the energy. I can see where it'd be like a drug. It was a real "ah-ha!" moment for me.
@JonPatrickHyde wow that is so amazing...I know what you mean. Thank you so much for sharing these pics! Also I love Muse, I'm so jealous!
@JonPatrickHyde @TechAtHeart Woahh, you shot Muse?? I'm jealous, too! Well, you did a great job to capture that passion you're talking about them feeling from the audience in your photos!
Absolutely gorgeous shots, you're very talented @JonPatrickHyde! I love the details you've captured and the sense of motion and as @caricakes said the energy.